Water leaks in your basement can be caused by cracks, worn-out fittings, or pipe damage. Leaks and exposed pipe fittings deteriorate over time, releasing harmful gasses that affect your health. Water seepage could indicate that frost-heaving, expanding soil, hydrostatic pressure, or another problem is developing outside your basement walls. Basement leaking can cause mold and mildew growth, rot, and further water damage. However, water seepage problems can also cause permanent damage to the foundation, the house's infrastructure, and indoor air quality. Consulting an expert for plumbing repair in Reno NV, provides you with the best solution and can help you prevent further damage.

Here Are The Ways Of Fixing A Leaky Pipe In The Basement.

1. Seal the Cracks

If you have any cracks in your basement walls, use polyurethane caulk, but it is less effective. This is an excellent way to handle cracks in the initial stage, but it is advised to seek the help of a foundation repair specialist if the foundation has multiple sizable cracks. You can also call the experts to inject those cracks with 2-part epoxy, giving it a waterproof layer and strengthening your basement walls.

2. Gutter Extensions

Adding extensions to your gutter is another solution. Your basement's foundation should be close enough to where your gutters are dumping water. You can reduce the amount of water poured into your soil by extending your downspouts at least 20 feet from your basement. Water may be gushing out at the base of your basement if your gutters are clogged with leaves or branches. It is necessary to clean your gutters as many times as you can.

3. Sump Pump System

A sump pump is a mechanical system that uses pipes running through the basement floor to collect water from below ground and pump it outside. Sump pumps are excellent at avoiding basement flooding because they activate when your basement exceeds water. There are different types of sump pump systems available in the market. Consulting with the best plumbing repair contractor in Reno NV, can help you purchase the right sump pump system.

4. Install Drainage System

You can prevent basement leaking by installing drainage tubing below the basement floor and connecting it to a sump basket and pump. It is the best long-term solution for persistent basement leaks. A system like this can be installed by oneself, but it’s an arduous task to remove the concrete floor, bury the tubing, and patch the floor. Some jobs are best left to experts because they have the experience and license to do the job.


Some wet basements are easy to solve simply by cleaning gutters and diverting gutter water away from the basement foundation. But, if the problem emerges from different sources, you must take the help of professionals. Hiring the best plumbing contractor services in Reno NV, is the quickest way to have permanent solutions. Professionals also guide you with preventative measures to add an extra layer of safety for your family and property.

Act fast to protect the integrity of your house structure.